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Why there is a Executium Road Map?

We wanted to give our user community a glimpse of our future and let you know we are just starting our development journey.
We already provide API enabled access to some of the top crypto-exchanges globally such as Binance, Bistamp, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Huobi, Kraken, and Okex. Users can trade through our one stop execution system to buy and sell digital assets on any of those exchanges without having to log into multiple trading platform websites.
We have TWAP algo and Arbitrage (Spread) algo trading that allow our users to have state of the art, institutional grade computer driven trading strategies at the tip of their fingers. Most importantly, we're not done! We strive to improve, grow, and develop further, so that you can have an even better trading experience with us. Some things we are planning are expanding our current algo offerings and exchange connectivity, and integrating the ERC20 wallet, allowing traders to pay fees with multiple ERC20 based tokens, including a new Executium token.

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about executium

Executium is a trade order and execution management system that allows users to connect and send orders to various cryptocurrency exchanges globally through a single user interface. Executium also allows users to take advantage of algo based orders to make their trading experience better.

Our system can be used from the occasional trader all the way up to the largest institutional managers.

Executium Road Map TIMELINE *


As a means of guidance, here outlined is a sample of our target timeline, which is subject to change. Actual timeline for completion may be significantly different and some goals and targets may not even be met.
Please check executiumroadmap.com and executium.com for ongoing updates of the project status, or subscribe to the newsletter on page to be alerted about all the new additions to the platform.

Maker Taker

Q1 2020

This will allow the trader to be a maker in one exchange and taker in other.

Premium Service Access

Q1 2020

A selection of choice services will be enabled for access through our premium service access channel. Access to the premium services is enabled through staking in the executium token.

Market Maker

Q1 2020

Market maker is a buy order and sell order). As one order is filled (for example the buy order), a new buy order will be placed at a price lower than the fill price and sell order will adjust to a lower level as well. This type of strategy is generally good for those looking to catch short term investment. This order type has been particularly good for generating extra volume and interest in lower liquidity coins, and we have observed up to a 20% increase in bona fide volume of a pair where liquidity is provided through such algorithm.

Best Price Sweeper – Smart Order Router

Q1 2020

We will be granting the user an ability to examine multiple prices for bids and for offers and upon a buy or sell order, find the cheapest locations to purchase a coin (or vice versa) for the desired volume. We imagine our smart order router to have a simple router that takes into account other user preferences for exchanges.

Executium API

Q2 2020

We will be releasing an API so that users can execute strategies and retrieve strategy data directly.

Voting System

Q2 2020

This will provide the ability for token holders to vote for exchanges and features to be added to executium

Exchange Additions

Q2 2020

With the voting system introduced we will announce and provide a program for adding additional exchanges.


Q3 2020

Iceberg will allow users to have repeating order at a certain price level where an order fill (or partial fill) will generate another order at or within a limit price provided by a user. This allows users to accumulate or dissipate a coin or token when the price is going lower to their target but never shows the user’s full order size.

Sniper Algorithm

Q3 2020

This algorithm will buy any offer or sell any bid that is better than the limit, but never showing size. This allows the algorithm to be a taker without disclosing full size but simply takes liquidity as it is shown.

Rekt Catchers

Q1 2021

We plan to develop dynamic bid and offer algorithm to be best positioned to trade exchange margin liquidations which are common in future exchanges such as Bitmex.

Momentum Triggered Trading

Q2 2021
We have planned to create a trading strategy based on momentum trading in coins and then liquidate into profit or have a stop loss, also attempting to optimize the trading.